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PTRE is an easy-to-use tool to save and share spy reports. You can save spy reports from:
  • Discord, by installing the PTRE bot
  • OGLight, by installing the add-on into your browser
  • Directly through the website
Your spy reports will be shared only with your team mates. PTRE can also create an ingame activity profile, manage and sort spy reports.

To get started, you just need to create your team and install PTRE bot.

Bellow, you will find all PTRE features.

Top Features

Import spy reports from Discord

Copy-past spy reports API keys to your Discord server: it will be directly sent to the PTRE website and store into your team timeless database.

In addition, fleet evolution will be displayed!

OGLight integration

PTRE is integrated with OGLight. You can directly push your spy reports from ingame through OGLight!

OGLight / PTRE can display an ingame activity profile (details bellow).

Get started with OGLight!
(OGLight is not mandatory, but recommended)

Check fleet evolution

Your spy reports are stored till you delete them. Even after being removed from OGame API, it will still be available for your team.

In addition, PTRE displays fleet evolution across spy reports.

Ingame activity profile (vie OGL)

The OGL/PTRE activity graphic is directly displayed ingame.

The PTRE button (in the OGL pinned pannel) will display :
  • the PTRE informations of the target
  • the activity profile
  • a link to the PTRE profile
  • a link to the best report

Detailed activity profile

On the PTRE website, you can have access to a detailed activity profile, such as :
  • filtering only main planet activities
  • filtering week / week-end
  • filtering only ennemis spys (counter-spys)

Counter-Spy reports

All counter-spy reports are sent to PTRE to update activity database.

(Thoses actvities stacks with classic activities catched from galaxy view)

Planet / Moon sync over PTRE

PTRE/OGL syncs galaxy informations (coordinates) accross PTRE Coalition's users.

To demonstrate this feature: if Arthur finds Valentin's mobile moon in the galaxy, all members of Arthur's Coalition (and Team) will be able to see Valentin's mobile when they display OGL coordinates (even if they never saw Valentin's mobile).

Tool compatibility: OGLight VS OGame Infinity

PTRE is fully integrated to OGLight.

On the OGame Infinity side (an OGLight fork): few features are missing, but you may still use the main features.

Tool FeatureOGLightInfinity
Saving Spy Reports to PTREYESYES
Pushing Spy Reports to DiscordYESYES
Displaying ingame PTRE best Spy reportYESYES
Sending player's actvities to PTREYESYES
Sending counter spy messages to activity databaseYESNO
Displaying activity graphicYESYES
Detecting and sending new planets / moons to Team databaseYESYES
Syncing back ingame new planets / moons from PTREYESNO

PTRE configuration

Invit PTRE bot to your Discord server

To fully use PTRE features, you have to invit the PTRE bot to your Discord server.

The bot does not need any administrator rights.

And it does not need to be in each and every channels of your server.
PTRE - bot invitation

Configure bot's access

As a basic user, invit the bot to some channels where you want it to detect spy reports:
  • To all your channels
  • Or only to a dedicated channel

Create a Team and associate your Discord server

Create your Team on the PTRE website. Then, get your API-WO key and copy it on a Discord channel to match your server to your team.

All spy reports posted will be private to your team.
You may associate several Discord servers to a same Team.

Without association, spy reports will be public.

OGLight Configuration

Enter your Team key (TM-XXXX) in the OGLight settings.

Multi-Team management

You can join several Teams to use PTRE for each and every universe you are playing.

Swap from a team to another with a simple click !


A Coalition allow two PTRE Teams to share all their ingame activites imports.

(Spy reports will not be shared.)

Other Features

On the PTRE profile page, you will find :
  • the best report available
  • planet locations
  • activity graphic
  • all the spy reports

Player search via Discord

Find all your spy reports via Discord.

The player preview will contain:
  • the best report
  • a link to PTRE profile
  • all his fleet last locations
  • number of ingame activities
  • previous nicknames

Add an alias to spy reports

You can tag any spy report:
  • To easily find it during researches
  • Track IG boring renaming

Advanced Discord research

The PTRE bot have many search options (universe, fleet, bunkers, etc).

You can even manage multiple universes on your Discord server.

Advanced research via PTRE

You may also use advanced research on the PTRE website.

Report deprecated spy reports

You can report deprecated spy reports to clean your database.

Spy reports management

Reported spy reports will be deleted after one week. You can cancel a reporting.

You may also archive spy reports to keep them aside.
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