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Discord Bot PTRE#2518 - Privacy Policy

Tolerated Tool

PTRE is a Gameforge tolerated tool: you may visit the PTRE official board post.


PTRE website was created on October 2018 during the huge Topraider outage's month: no one could share Spy Reports anymore via browser, a solution needed to be found. Then, Discord bot PTRE#2518 was created on November 2018 to support Discord integration. PTRE#2518 aims to import OGame Spy Reports to your PTRE private database and share it over Discord to all your teammates.


In order to work, the PTRE bot needs to read Discord messages and extract on the fly the "OGame Spy Reports API Keys" that users have copy-pasted into Discord. Then, PTRE connects to GAMEFORGE private API servers and get back the Spy Report content itself... (PTRE commands are also extracted like that).
PTRE#2518 bot is not storing (nor displaying) any Discord message content (the Spy Report Key extraction is done on the fly). It does not store user's IDs, user's status, users list. The only thing that may be temporary stored are Guild IDs and last channel ID used (in order to find your PTRE Team associated), and thoses datas are not considered as "sensitive".


No one except me (GeGe, as system administrator) can (or had) access to the bot administration. Plus, i am fuly allowed to access to GAMEFORGE's private API servers, as:
  • i have a private key provided by GAMEFORGE to connect
  • PTRE dedicated server's IP is whitelisted by GAMEFORGE

User's request

PTRE users may contact me to review (or delete) any details regarding their PTRE informations. You may either reach me: I would be really pleased to answer any of your questions (and get feedbacks).

Good game!

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This month:
11.965 new Spy Reports, including 5.356 from OGLight,
327 web-active Teams, 341 active Discord servers,
14.457.819 IG activities pushed, 21.258 activity graphics displayed

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PTRE is a Gameforge tolerated tool - Privacy Policy