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How does it works?

  • Requirement: Each and every fleet you need in the ACS has to be added to PTRE. If not: log in and add missing spy reports. (Reminder: spy report added without being connected to a Team will be public.)
  • Clic on "Add a fleet" and browse PTRE website to find the fleet you want to add: display the spy report
  • Once on the spy report page, select "Add player to attack" or "Add player to defence" to add the spy report to ACS
  • Repeat this till the ACS is full (no need to fill in the 10 slots)
  • Choose your options bellow fleet list and validate!

Slot #0
Slot #1
Slot #2
Slot #3
Slot #4

Debris percentage /!\
Degroup attacking fleets
Divide fleets and defences by 10
Remove attacking Deathstars
Remove attacking large cargos
Remove attacking recyclers
Remove attacking probes
Remove attacking colony ships
Simulations count

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This month:
6693 new spy reports, including 4910 from OGLight,
166 active teams, 199 active Discord servers,
1.684.964 IG activities pushed, 2401 activity graphics displayed,
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