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Simple search

Do a research depending on nickname / alias / name:

For instance, if you type "fou", you will get all results related to Lefou or Fougasse.

Advanced search

Add some criteria to do a BDD search. You need to modifiy at least one criteria to apply a research. You dont need to modify all parameters.

Gala: Pos:
System: min: max:
Age en jours : Technologies :
Fleet points de à
You may leave it empty
Def points : min: max:
You may leave it empty
Trier par :

No criteria... You need to modity at leat one criteria.

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This month:
15.372 new Spy Reports, including 5.275 from OGLight,
360 web-active Teams, 358 active Discord servers,
7.480.712 IG activities pushed, 14.163 activity graphics displayed

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