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Connect to an existing Team

Create a new Team

Enter your PTRE Team key (or an Admin key):

(If you dont have any key, ask your Team creator)

Creating a Team will allow you to get a private aera (on PTRE website) where you may add private spy reports.
Those reports will only be shared between your team members (people who get the Invitation key).

You may also push / share / research all your spy reports directly from Discord.

A Team could be:
- one ingame alliance
- a merge of multiples ingame alliances
- a group of friends

Enter your Team name:

Warning: You do not need to create a new team when you change your ingame universe
One Team can manage several universe

If you face any issues (PTRE key lost, questions), contact GeGe on PTRE Discord server.
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This month:
9.092 new Spy Reports, including 4.104 from OGLight,
207 web-active Teams, 253 active Discord servers,
3.277.356 IG activities pushed, 5.999 activity graphics displayed

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